Plenty of podcasting and Twittering ahead

I'm packing my bags and flying out to Las Vegas early tomorrow morning. And much like Aaron and Jim, I'll also be conducting plenty of podcast interviews throughout the Community 2.0 Conference.

In addition to speaking with the presenters and panelists, I'd also like to record the impressions and reactions of the conference attendees. If you're one of them and you see me roaming the halls of the Red Rock Casino, Resort & Spa with a microphone in hand, come up and say hello. I'm this guy:

Headshot of Bryan Person, podcaster at the 2008 Community 2.0 Conference

You can also contact me on my cell phone at (781) 413-5846.

Conference Twitterings

You can follow my -- and everyone's -- conference-related Twitter posts at and These links will compile all Twitter messages marked with the #C20 hashtag.

Talk to you tomorrow from Las Vegas!

Bryan Person

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