Your Community’s Primal Code

At Wendistry, Wendi Mc Gowan sheds light on the “Primal Code.” The Primal Code is made up of seven elements, that when introduced and fully embraced used by you and your community, the success of your social community won’t falter.

Creed – Within the first few seconds of someone acquainting themselves with your community, they should know exactly what you stand for.

Icons – What’s special to your community? Just like the Eiffel Tower represents Paris and the Swoosh gives away Nike, you must have a tag that your community can embrace and identify as their own.

Ritual – Communities do things together. Even though you’re online, create something that brings your readers together, give them a pattern to look foreword to.

Sacred Words – This is those key words that are representative of your community. There is a secret code flowing between your community members, and make sure your members can identify their use in your community.

Non Believers – Always know who does not believe in your purpose. Strive to bring them to the community, you can adapt to their needs and bring them into the community.

Leader – There is always someone at the head of the community. A clear set leader who can be easily recognized.

With these seven parts intact in your community, it should grow. A unique bond will be created among your members.


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