Podcast conversation with Charlene Li

By Jim Storer

Booking (and connecting for) podcasts can be hit or miss and creativity in scheduling is often rewarded. My colleague Aaron connected with Charlene on the phone several days before the Community 2.0 conference and found out she would only be in Las Vegas for 12 hours. She planned to arrive at midnight on Monday and would leave immediately following her keynote the next morning. Thinking on his feet, Aaron suggested we could pick her up at the airport and have a conversation on the ride to the hotel. Charlene agreed and what follows is the transcript of that conversation, including the sound of a laboring limo, a courteous driver stopping to try to buy a bottle opener (unsuccessful) and terrific insights from the co-author of Groundswell (along with colleague Josh Bernoff). Download this podcast or stream it below.

* Recorded at the 2008 Community 2.0 Conference and cross-posted on Jim Storer's Mzinga blog.

* Flickr photo by Brian Solis.

Bryan Person

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