#SMC20 Live: What Every CEO Needs to Know About Social Media

Sasha Strauss, INNOVATION PROTOCOL @sashastrauss

Who are you trying to engage online? By nature, humans are seekers, we’re constantly looking for information? Social media was built for seekers. We also are nosy, and love to watch peoples lives unfold. We like to think that we’re insiders. Everyone wants to be a part of a club. We love to commune around common topics. Your community can serve as the ego, and social media is the venue to connect with the users and community members. Technology has finally caught up to the human desires. Three was to succeed:
  • -Understand a network
  • -The power of reference influence
  • -Trust equity
If you get the power of the network, you develop a certain equity. Social media is mass media. Why? It’s already touching politics, faith, culture, and science. The Social media spectrum according to Strauss (listening and speaking): RSS feeds, Blogger, Twitter, YouTube, Ning, Facebook, radian6, reddit Examples: Will It Blend? Is a perfect example of how companies can conversation with their watchers. Creating content where discourse is enabled – this is what YouTube does best. Rules of engagement:
  1. 1. Give your listeners 10x more than you expect back
  2. 2. Use social media platforms as a learning environment
  3. 3. Celebrate who your audience is
  4. 4. Ask questions
  5. 5. Learn from your market and make sure you’re paying attention
  6. 6. Develop a Social Media Plan

  • a. Analysis of opportunity
  • b. Content Strategy
  • c. Media Channel Strategy
  • d. Timeline and resource planning
  • e. Take Action
  • f. Evaluate and refine
  • g. Relate to your audience
  • h. Keeping content fresh


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