#SocialC20 Live: Gina Debogovich on Harnessing the Power of Employees

Be Smart, Be Human, and Be Respectful

That's the heart of the Best Buy social media policy. Gina Debogovich shared with us in the strategy track this afternoon and continued with the "be human" message that has resonated throughout the conference.

Best Buy created a uniquely empowering environment that allows local employees from any store to create a social media presence and represent the brand. In this way the social media strategy has gone from Gina herself responding to all online complaints or questions to a all-volunteer employee "Twelp Force" of around 3,000 employees. Employees can join forums and represent best buy in a transparent manner, or help twitter users with questions such as "Should I buy a mac or a pc" (or maybe, what's the future of the laptop?)

You can read the entirety of the Best Buy social media policy here.


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