#Socialc20: Connecting a Massive Online Audience via Off-line Events

Presented by Esmee Williams, and Jennifer Miller, from @AllRecipes & @AllrecipesJen has a huge amazing community, 21 countries, 70% women, - with very different personas from foodie to novice.

A vibrant community drives ownership and loyalty.

Community cannot be exist without brands/partners - eccomerce, ads, promotions.

Cookies across America = community + partners

Branded the campaign - creating evergreen content, merchandising, and logos.

Created a landing page, banners, accross platforms, live webcast, facebook and twitter sweepstakes -- user submitted recipes/photos cobranded, posted tips , PR and media events, hosted two charity events for bloggers and employees.

When their 6-hr webcast was split into several separate segments, they were consumed at a higher rate. Over 7,000 viewers watched they webcast live.

Focus was always on the community.

Lessons Learned:
Allot more planning time - start earlier
Work with other in-house teams
Go for greater blogger reach
Rebroadcast the webcast
Save the date - set a specific date.

Valerie M. Russo Evans

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