Why Should You Attend Measure Up? ($200 Off Code Inside)

When asked about last year's Measure Up Conference, Aneta Hall, Emerging Media, Corporate Marketing, Pitney Bowes, said:
"This is THE event for one-on-one conversation and knowledge sharing in the field of marketing measurement."

So, why haven't you registered for Measure Up 2011 yet?

Discover how to successfully integrate all of the pieces of marketing measurement, traditional and non-traditional, into a winning business framework.

Measure Up covers it all:
High-quality content delivered by high-caliber, industry leading speakers,
keynotes include:
  • Jean Paul Isson, Vice President Global BI and Predictive Analytics, Monster Worldwide
  • Kanishka Das, Associate Director, Consumer and Market Knowledge, Procter & Gamble
  • Sean Bruich, Measurement & Insights Research, Monetization Analytics, Facebook, Inc.
  • Lise Brende, Director of Marketing Analytics, Bing & MSN
  • And more, click here to see the full keynote roster.

    Hear best practices in marketing and social media measurement analytics from: Cisco, Johnson & Johnson, Microsoft, SABmiller, Shell, TiVo, U.S. Army, Verizon and more!

    Improve your social media analytics and drive higher revenue, profit and brand share.

    Return to the office with a better understanding of how measurement, analytics and optimized resource allocation can drive marketing strategies and tactics.

    Click here to view the full speaking roster and session descriptions.

    Join us in Boston this June and find out why Measure Up is the event for marketing measurement knowledge exchange. It's a collaborative meeting of the minds to explore the new world of marketing analytics.

    Register by this Friday, April 15 & Save $200 off the standard rates to attend! 

    Mention code TWEETMEASUREPB when registering.

    Valerie M. Russo Evans

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