#Socialc20 Live: Are You OK With Being in My Measurement?

In one of the last session of the last day of the conference, Christine Perkett, asks how do you treat your customers like a deal or like a partner in a relationship?

You have a social contract with your public, you choose your part in it and your level of connection and engagement.

Start with a plan.

Step back and think and focus on your business goals and what relationships to develop then create a strategy.

Look at negative vs. good comments and strategize your plan.

Don't just broadcast your great reviews.

Make sure you train your social media staff - no place for wallflowers in social media nor knee-jerk reactions.

Great social media addresses the good and bad - look @Zappos.

Trust your consumers and build a relationship on that trust.

Tread carefully and with respect, you can track social media but you should be transparent and value your relationship. Don't abuse the priviledge and don't neglect your responsibility to your users.

Valerie M. Russo Evans

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