#SocialC20 Live: Marc Gobé on EMOTIONAL BRANDING

The first session this morning began with Marc Gobé on EMOTIONAL BRANDING showing us a short video that depicted Sao Paolo as an example of the way advertising will be viewed in the future (traditional ads were banned) so having a social emotional brand is critical to your marketing now and in the future. Zappos, hulu, Twitter, are corporations changing the world, therefore ambassador of brands are needed, faceless corporations are not cared for anymore. People own brands, brands need to about people. Social media changes the world, it empowers people to do things they werent able to do before. On Passion and spontaneity - over 400 photos from revolt in Tunisia created organic emotional branding in real time. Placing people first, understanding what they want, what they represent, those are the keys to emotional branding. Moving from excessive to the inspirational, how do you sell products people don't need? sell the idea that this product will make you feel good. Emotional pull is the basis of modern advertising. Social media revolt can and will happen to brands when people stop believing in them. Brands are defined by social networks, that’s where your reputation is made. Dogmatic brands struggle to humanize their message and reach people, while social brands listen to what their consumers need and want and engage them through their needs. Marketing has been redefined, traditional marketing skills are no longer enough. The culture is the voice of the brand. A social voice helps promote cultural events though content, engage through entertainment. Brands as moviemakers,brands as publishers... How to find your Social Voice - critical to Emtional Branding: Start internally and then go outward 1. empower the people 2. introduce and liberate the brand's social voice 3. boost emotional branding and social acumen 4 engage and explore 5 development of branded culture What is your social purpose?

Valerie M. Russo Evans

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