#SocialC20 Live: Day Three and The Return of The Wall of Awesome

The third and final day of the Social Media and Communities 2.0 conference kicked off with a welcome by Dawn Lacallade of Comblu, followed by a refrain of Kellie Parker of Sega's presentation, "Pull Up a Stool: Meet Sega's Community Expert"

As we learned yesterday during the Scottrade and Tasti-D-Lite presentations, people love free stuff. Sega leverages this by giving away promotional items, and promoting the program with video, blogs and twitter. Fans are not required to share content (such as retweets), but original content and engagement is rewarded with highlights on the blog or prizes. Inspiring fans with fun original content and encouraging the production of fan content through praise and sharing goes a long way towards building engagement. In this manner, Sega is able to get high-quality user generated content like this:

Find additional coverage of Kellie's presentation here.

Key takeaways:
Humanize the brand
Differentiate yourself
Be personal, and don't be afraid of letting personality show
Do something amazing


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