Top Reasons to Attend Measure Up

At this year's #SocialC20 conference there was a lot of discussion on measurement and ROI. If you're looking to delve further into these topics, consider joining us for Measure Up 2011, June 6-8 in Boston, MA. Measure Up is the world's most comprehensive cross-dimensional view of marketing measurement best practices and this year the event will focus on return on investment (ROI) as it relates to online activities; exclusively, Social Media.

Preview Your Experience, View Pictures From Last Year's Measure Up Event:

We've pulled together some of the top reasons to attend Measure Up, read on to learn more:

1. Stellar Speakers. With seven keynotes (including Sean Bruich, Measurement & Insights Research, Monetization Analytics at Facebook) and 30+ other speakers from across the marketing measurement and analytics space, we have packed our agenda with luminaries who live in the trenches of understanding the ROI of marketing campaigns.

2. Latest case studies, trends and insights. Industry leaders sharing their first-hand experiences include: SABMiller PLC, Verizon, TiVo, Shell, Johnson & Johnson, Allstate Insurance, U.S. Army, United Federal Credit Union, Time Warner Cable and more.

3. Probing Pre-con. Most Measure Up attendees also attend our pre-conference, which gives them an opportunity to dig deep into specifics of a single topic or issue. This year we explore B2B Social Media Metrics and New Generation Marketing Mix Modeling.

4. General Session Agenda. A brand new format allows you to attend every session you’ve signed up for so you don’t miss anything on the program.

5. Network with Your Peers. Listen, collaborate and learn from your peers. Find out how they’re measuring marketing in their organization and how you can improve your measurement process.

6. Event Executive Summary. Measure Up is the only collaborative event that offers a event debrief with real-time practical insights for you to take back to your company and share.

7. New speakers to join our roster! Stay tuned for program and speaker updates.

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