#SocialC20 Live: Traditional Audience vs. Fan Culture: How Social Media Research Connects Communities

In this session, led by Warren Sukernek from ALTERIAN he talked about how they did a virtual ethnography for the folks at Peeps.

What they found is that there were a lot of strong (good/bad-43%) opinions about Peeps.

Comments by young mothers/young parents on forums, which was surprising because of where even on pregnancy websites.

Now fans, on the other hand, had a real affinity for Peeps and wanted to be involved, steady volume versus higher volume of conversation than traditional audience mentioned above. It was much more media heavy too - Facebook, photos, art, etc. expressions of their passion rather than opinions.

Peepshi Phenomenon - Peeps made to look like sushi - Topic on

Happy Easter!

People also like to see Peeps explode in a microwave.

Lots of opportunities for Peeps brand to extend by catering to both fans (year round) and traditional audience (seasonally).

Learn more about the Peeps/Alterian virtual ethnography here.

Valerie M. Russo Evans

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