#SocialC20 Live: Social Currency Scott Stratten, UnMarketing

In the final keynote of the morning, Scott Stratten, author of UnMarketing: Stop Marketing. Start Engaging, told us "Marketing Is Not a Task." In a world where consumers are increasingly online, every interaction with any faucet of a brand can increase or decrease your brand.

Since Statten claims to "speak in tweets," let us share with you some of the most-shared tweets from the session:

"We are passive in person and aggressive online." @

@cflanagan: Consumers are passive in person and aggressive online. Most honest, raw exchange online. Tap into it.

bcarroll7: To be great at customer service, you only have to be average because everyone else sucks. @unmarketing

@mspellerberg: Mission statements don't matter - actions do @unmarketing

@VirtualMR: People do business with brands they Know, Like, & Trust via @unmarketing

@WhatsUpGuru: "People spread awesome" - Scott Stratten @unmarketing

: "Too many people are writing content for Google and not for their readers"

@Cassaundrams: You cannot ignore what you hate.

@natanyap: "No one ever read your blog post and said 'This is boring but your title is really keyword rich' so let's share it."

For more about the "ROI of being awesome."
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