#SocialC20 Live: Late Night Comedy Meets Corporate Social Media

Tim Washer of Cisco started off the afternoon in the strategy track with an important note, "There's nothing more human than humor"

When you're talking about humanizing a brand, creating humorous content can be an excellent way to reach influencers at a low cost. But how can you get buy-in from within your company?

Some tips:
Begin with marketing strategy, find out marketing goals and tell marketing how this supports the larger goal. Set expectations and create a portfolio.

Build trust. Find key influencers, listen and share with them.

Continue to try. (Even if you have a few failures).

Production quality is secondary. It's not about money or production budget, it's about having a good story.

Don't burden the project with ROI conversations, find room to experiment.

Will you be going home and doing your comedy writing homework? If so, be sure to come back and share the videos with us.

Find Tim Washer on twitter and facebook.


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