#SocialC20 Live: Michael Tchong, UBERCOOL

From "$#*! My Dad Says" to the revolution in Egypt, Social Media is changing the world. Michael Tchong explored the trends of social media in a lively session this morning and his conclusion is:

"The Nerds Have Won"
Changing language (LOL, OMG and WTF joining the OED), changing the idea of transparency and changing the very way we conduct major life changes (be it posting relationship status on Facebook, or live tweeting birth) social media is changing the world.

Facebook's like button is becoming the "universal judgement of the world" and social sharing affects the way we work, play and interact.

Mobile integration now allows the world to remain always in touch, however simultaneously the fragmentation of attention created by the multitude of media leaves users with less attention span, present and yet absent.

Tchong introduced the following social trends today:
Trend 1: Acceleration of time
Response: According to Google, if your webpage takes longer than 400 milliseconds to to load, you'll lose 1% of search traffic. In a fast moving world, keep things simple.

Trend 2: Unwired
Response: We live in a highly mobile, independent society that wants to be in control and in ruled by the value of "freedom." Give consumers the control panel they desire.

Trend 3: Digital Lifestyle
Response: We are living in an age of increasing integration with robots. Rewrite the rules of social engagement, rethink how to interact with a new generation of digitally integrated people.

For more social trendspotting,follow Michael Tchong on twitter at Ubercool.


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