#SocialC20 Live: How American Family Insurance Became the Most Connected Brand on Facebook

Presented by Troy Janisch, Digital Marketing Manager @socialmeteor at AMERICAN FAMILY INSURANCE

How do you get people engaged in a (boring) regulated industry?

Social Media is like herding cats.

Do customers care? Older employees/agents v. younger staff.

Challenge: Social is not selling.

Agents are ultimately salespeople.

Herd cats by offering milk:

use social media as digital prospecting and to drive customer outreach by building relationships.

Landscape of SM:

Facebook -Largest (build friendships)
Twitter - Loudest (listening)
Linkedin - Powerful (B2B)

Create a social media mission statement - should be complimentary to company's overall mission but less salesy.

They were the first to achieve widespread Facebook adoption.
No corporate approval structure.
Less than a year later 1800 agent Facebook pages, 70,000 agent Facebook fans.

Negative comments create opportunities for proactive customer service.
Amplify positive comments
Create referral and quoting opportunities
Recognize "standout agents"

Instant feedback - in real time.

This was only possible becuase they were allowed (and funded) by upper management to take risks.

Valerie M. Russo Evans

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