#SocialC20 Live: Today's Top Tweets

The #SocialC20 twitter stream has been going strong. As we wrap up our second day of the Social Media and Communities 2.0 conference, let's look back at some of the most influential tweets of the day.

@cflanagan Numbers and measurements are great. But give anecdotal to show emotional connection/results with brand #socialc20

The best hires for cmty team at Dell are not social media experts but people that love customer support @rishiatdell #socialc20

@40deuce "Social media isn't about pushing, it's about talking" - Marc Gobe #socialC20

@kristiewells: Important lesson: Avoid knee-jerk reactions. Respond to the community in a timely manner, just know the internet never forgets. #socialc20

@40deuce: "The holy grail of marketing is hitting the right person with the right message at the right time" #socialc20

What tweets caught your eye today? Is there anything we missed?


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