#SocialC20 Live: C-level Point of View: Embracing Social Media Via Bravo Media

Ellen Stone, at BRAVO MEDIAnotes brands must define cultural conversations - social media is critical at Bravo.

Partnering allows a like-minded brand to help extend the reach of promotion to a shared audience

First to partner with foursquare.

Don’t use tools in a vacuum, use multiple distribution channels.

Think headlines/soundbites:

Content becomes succinct and sweet, and very shareable via twitter and Facebook.

Innovate in a relevant and meaningful way - maybe a new spin on a traditional element. Like a virtual viewing event becomes a Bravo Talk Bubble: Facebook, twitter and viewers watch together and chat online. A Twitter aggregators - all Bravo celebrities.

Measure buzz, print, blogs, tweets, engagement level is critical, audience’s social circles - how influential are they?

Case study: #justdessertsday won two marketing awards - used multiple web tools to promote a launch of a new show, generated 1.6 Million viewers for Top Chef Just Desserts and resulted in 8,000 truffles sold in the span of two hours for their partners at Godiva.

Valerie M. Russo Evans

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