#SocialC20 Live: Using Social Technologies to Reward Brand Loyalty BJ Emerson, Tasti-D-Lite

BJ Emerson of Tasti-D-Lite walked the strategy track through Tasti-D-Lite's evolving brand loyalty strategies this afternoon at Social Media and Communities 2.0.

From punch cards to twitter and foursquare coupons, Tasti-D-Lite has been a early adopter of brand loyalty programs, evolving a pre-existing audience like this one into a socially-savvy users of

The loyalty program rewards users with points that build toward free product. Additionally, users check-ins automatically feed through into platforms like Foursquare and Twitter, turning an active check-in into a passive check-in. Users become evangelists to their personal networks. Tasti-D-Lite has even built in custom messages for the system to add a personal touch (and avoid generating spam).

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