#SocialC20 Live: Using Social Media Learning's For Overall Brand Strategy

Michelle Spellerberg of Careerbuilder spoke in the strategy track this afternoon and joined the refrain of "it's all about content."

There are reasons not to be on social media, but there are more reasons to be there. So now that you've jumped in it's important to:

1. Have fun, don't be bland
Respond directly to consumers, don't just respond to questions or complaints. Instead get to know your users and interact with their lives.

2. Be empowering
More than just being engaging, empower your users to participate. Let them know where to go, and encourage. Have an emergency preparedness plan rather then a policy. Careerbuilder's Community Promise provides clear guidelines on how to act and cuts down on internal questions.

3. Be infinite, a joke website tie in for the ad campaign above, was a failure for because it didn't expand beyond the site. Users weren't sharing, but the "Monkey" campaign in general was a success. Now they have launched Monk-E-mail, which has a 25% pass-along rate and Monk-e-Maker. These campaigns have "infinite" use beyond the campaign, users share them and use them personally due to their engaging nature.

Follow Michelle Spellerberg on twitter here.


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